Joey Jam Pack and Joey Pocket Pal

JoeyJean Fundraising Program

Fresh Ideas For Fundraising

Most of us have experienced fundraiser fatigue... we get nervous at the sight of a catalog poking out of a child’s backpack, or we dread the thought of having to deal with the complications of organizing a fundraising effort.

The fact is, groups need to raise money for activities. At JoeyJean, we help relieve "fundraiser burnout" by offering fresh alternatives to gift wrap, healthier options than candy, and a "Point-of-Purchase" Fundraising approach that can help you avoid the hassles of a traditional fundraising program.

Through our new Fundraising Program, we offer our two best selling convenience products for immediate purchase: The Joey Jam Pack™ and The Joey Pocket Pal™.

Fundraiser Ideas:   

Spirit Wear
Class Trips
Student Stores
Club Fundraisers
Class or School Fundraisers
PTA Fundraisers
Team Fundraisers
Prize Incentives
Fundraiser Holiday Shops
Fundraiser Boutiques


Packaged in cases of 24 assorted colors, Our JoeyJean Fundraiser Packs are priced to help you maximize profits for your group.

Fundraising with Point-of-Purchase Products.
As a registered JoeyJean Fundraiser Organization, your group can buy JoeyJean products at a special fundraiser discount. The products will be delivered to you, and can then be immediately distributed to your group members to sell directly to their supporters. Funds are collected at the point of sale, and your group retains all sale proceeds.

BENEFITS: Requires only one point of contact with individual consumers or supporters because your members sell direct, deliver products immediately, and collect funds at the time of sale. Your Fundraising timeframe can be shorter than handling Pre-Sales because there are no pre-orders to take or process, no delayed product delivery, no post-sale collections by your members, and no returned goods or pre-order form errors to deal with.

For additional details about the JoeyJean Fundraising Program, to learn more, or to discuss the specific needs of your fundraising group, call 1.877.240-5639 and ask to speak to one of our Fundraising Specialists.

Ready to register with JoeyJean as a Fundraiser Organization?

Simply fill out our online registration form, and one of our Fundraising Specialists will contact you to provide you with access to detailed fundraising program information, fundraiser product pricing and sales information, and our online fundraiser order page.


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